Benefits of Practicing Yoga  

Strengthen your body!  The regular practice of yoga postures (asanas) improves your muscle tone and
stamina.  Each part of your body receives a workout, making your whole body stronger.

Improve your concentration and focus!  Practicing yoga cultivates a relaxed, alert state of mind along
with a sense of well-being.  Your ability to focus and concentrate improves, which is especially useful if
you feel overwhelmed.

Increased flexibility!  Yoga provides a balanced approach to the body - not only do you build strength,
but you increase flexibility as well.  Flexibility and agility become more important as we age.  

Stand taller!  The stretching and good alignment practiced in yoga improves your posture and students
consistently report they feel they are standing taller!

Better quality sleep!  Many report better sleep quality on the nights after a yoga class.  Yoga deeply
relaxes the body and mind facilitating a good night's rest.

De-Stress in these stress-filled times!  Yoga retrains the body to transform stress on a cellular level.  
With patience and compassion, the muscular-skeletal system adjusts and realigns itself by releasing
held patterns of tension or stiffness caused by stress.  The practice of asanas allows you to become
more aware of mental, emotional and physical patterns and to release those patterns that no longer
serve you.

Give your internal organs a massage!  Improves your  digestion and circulation.  Decreases stored fat,
boosts your immune system and releases built-up toxins in your body.  The effects of yoga work on all
systems of the body.

Boosts Energy!  Yoga enlivens the whole body which boosts your energy both physically and mentally!

Breathe!  You'll breathe more deeply with proper breathing techniques taught in your yoga class.  This
will enable your body to receive more oxygen - a tremendous boost to all your body systems, which in
turn causes you to feel better and more relaxed.

Create a sense of well-being and calmness.  Numerous studies report that people who practice yoga
feel more peaceful in body and mind.  The benefits of yoga, yogic relaxation and meditation support a
healthier, more balanced, and a happier you!  

How often should you practice?  Even if you only practice for one hour a week, you will experience the
benefits.  Try for 2-3 times a week.   Do what you can and don't stress over what you can or cannot do.  
Yoga can be practiced just about anywhere.  Practice what you know at home, and you will find your
practice expanding naturally after a while.   

Pranayama Breathing
helps calm anxiety with slow, deep breathing that shuts off your nervous
system's fight-or-flight state and brings you back to the rest-and-relax mode.  

Cow/Cat helps to ease PMS symptoms as well as bring relief to sciatic issues.

Standing Forward Bend helps to stimulate and rejuvenate the kidneys, liver, and adrenal
glands, helping you to feel better.

Downward Facing Dog helps alleviate sinus pressure by promoting drainage of sinus cavities.  

Gentle inversion poses, such as
Legs Up The Wall, helps your nervous system relax and sleep better.  
You can even try it in bed :)

Back issues may be helped with both the
Sphinx Pose (helps to align the spine) followed by Child's
Pose for a soothing stretch for your lower back.  

Belly trouble?  While lying on your back, bring your
Knees to Chest wrapping arms around knees will
help put gentle pressure on your belly to allow excess gas to pass.  And while on your back, try a gentle
Spine Twist to work the abdominals that help with digestion and elimination.  

The basic grounding of yoga helps to bring relief of headaches due to too much energy, noise, and/or
thinking.  Studies have also shown that practicing yoga helps to improve mood and combat
depression by enhancing the production of feel~good endorphins.  Back bends are particularly good
for this.    And the best part is, yoga can be done just about anywhere at any time.  

We welcome you to our studio and look forward to seeing you in class.

Share with us your success stories!
Hello,  Just wanted so say I have been enjoying JFY for a few months now, and it has been a life
changing and gratifying experience! I am hooked thanks to the wonderful teaching from Nina and
Monica!  Jennifer M

"I feel amazing just from the 2 classes I attended this week!  Thank you! "  - Shala S

"New student.  Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Janet's Wednesday 10 AM class". - Pam

"It is exactly what I need to release the traumatic emotions stuck in my body.  You've pulled together an
amazing group of teachers for every morning of the week.  I really enjoy coming to your studio, because
the space feels so good and the people are just wonderful.  You've created such an incredibly healing
and nourishing environment.  Thank-you so much"   - Leslie

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